Saenselelie to add premium quality brand 'Royal Goedewaagen' to it's collection.


Saenselelie to complete special windmillorder based on real electrical windmill, delivers 2200 pieces to government.


Saenselelie to extend assortment with highquality Makkum from Royal Tichelaar.



Have you seen the wonder that is Makkumer pottery ?

Makkum is a small town in Friesland (a dutch province) that houses one of the oldest factories in Holland.

Learn more about these pottery items of unparalleled quality.

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Doesn't it sound nice, a fully handpainted nameplate next to your door, in delft blue or polychrome ?
We paint nameplates based on template models, and arrange them to your specific requirements. And that will result in a product that will make all neighbours green with envy.

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